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[25 Sep 2012|09:22pm]
A cool thing I saw this summer: an old man painting a Rimbaud poem on a wall.

It's official, government-sponsored street art and the building is the office of the revenue service. I wish I could have seen how he did the top sentences, they're really high! But he was surprisingly fast and when I came by again, he was done and gone. The poem is written from right to left and there's a sign explaining why: Rimbaud first told that poem in a café place Saint-Sulpice (which is just on the right of that wall) and they like to think that's where the wind was coming from, hence the right-to-left poem. Okay then...

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These days, this is the kind of street art I'm keeping my eyes open for:

So far I've only seen two of them. Maybe it's just me projecting my obsessions, but it sure looks like there are mayan glyphs in there. I want to know who does these! A poor man's Keith Haring who's also a mayanist?

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[24 Sep 2012|10:22am]
Ten years of Festival America, and I've been there every time (looks like I lost some of the bracelets though).

It was this weekend and really it's the best book festival in the world. I had signed up for a creative writing workshop there, and it got me thinking: why I am not writing more? And, why have I completely abandoned that blog I've had for eleven years? So I'm going to try to update this Livejournal again...

What I love about that book festival is that even though they get really big names (even Nobel prize winners) all the writers are super approachable. On Saturday, I had breakfast with Louise Erdrich! She's the coolest. At first I was intimidated at the idea of spending an hour with one of my favorite writers but it went really well. We were just a little group, having croissants in a Vincennes café, and she talked to us about music, about her bookshop, her favourite books, the way she writes... Before, I was afraid that maybe she would be blasée and distant with her readers but it was the opposite, she was so nice, warm and attentive. She signed my copy of Shadow Tag and that's the only thing I regret, I should have brought The Painted Drum or Love Medicine for her to sign. Or The Master Butchers Singing Club! I have so many favorites...

I snapped a few pictures during our breakfast but they're not good, so instead here's an old pictures of her that I love:

I'm embarrassed when I look back at the last entries in this blog, I was only talking about rugby, now that's just sad! My blog was much better years ago when I was posting photos of my travels or of the streets of Paris. Since I haven't traveled much recently, I'll just post pictures of Paris. I walk a lot and I try to keep track of the new street art, there's always cool things. There's a street in particular where I noticed blue chairs appearing. Just a blue chair stuck on a wall. Then a few weeks later, another one, and so on. I found four so far, but some of them get taken out right away so I might have missed some. The creepy thing is that it reminds me of Fred Vargas' L'Homme aux cercles bleus. It's a mystery book, where blue chalk circles appear from time to time on the pavement of Paris, until one day there's a blue circle with a corpse in it. So I won't be surprised if someday I find a new blue chair with a dead person sitting in it!

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[28 May 2010|11:56am]
What is the best birthday cake for someone who studied Mayan epigraphy? One with glyphs written in Nutella on it, of course :

My birthday cake was a banana-lucuma-pecan cake, with cream cheese & Nutella frosting. It was so good. The big one in the middle is the glyph for Noble Cacao, the rest is a phrase from a codex, predicting the arrival of cacao and an abundance of food and good things. Very much simplified, because apparently it is difficult to write intricate stuff in Nutella...

I've been obsessed with Mayan glyphs lately (well more than usual) because I want to get a tattoo of glyphs, I have a great idea I started to work on, just need to check a few things to make sure the translation is perfect.

Back to my birthday dinner: the rest of the food was Peruvian, because ceviche is my favourite dish. So a ceviche with sweet potatoes and lots of cilantro, and then aji de gallina with quinoa. Yummy! I tried to take pictures of everything, maybe one day when I'm less lazy I'll make a blog of Peruvian recipes.

foodCollapse )

Now, the rugby: thanks to the ridiculous pyrotechnics display at the Stade de France, I now know what it feels like to have a flamethrower aimed at my face. It is unpleasant and it stinks. I'm pretty sure the people in the front row don't have eyebrows anymore:

Anyway, we won another H Cup, it was stressful, but awesome. At first I wasn't even supposed to be at the game, but the day before, I won not one, but two different contests to win tickets! And when I picked up said tickets at the Adidas store, Jonah Lomu and Brian O'Driscoll were there. Pretty cool. Now I'm gonna have to get a new jersey, with four stars instead of three. It's weird that out of these four european titles, they won three against another French team... It would have been cooler to see a foreign team in the final. Munster preferably! I hate these guys.

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[14 Feb 2010|10:44am]
France 33 - Ireland 10! My god, it was beautiful. We were just better at everything. Well, except the lineouts. I don't want to jinx it, so I won't even start to think about a G---d S--m, because it's a tradition for France to be good for just two weeks and then get thrashed by a boring England. We'll see. But it looks good. I can't believe our halfbacks were actually good, it's such a problem area for France. Even Michalak got a drop goal! Couldn't believe my eyes. As a Toulouse fan I'm used to cringe anytime Michalak tries to kick anything, but I guess yesterday was a perfect day for everybody. I really thought Bastareaud would be found out in front of O'Driscoll, but no. Still don't like the guy, though. And I was worried that Stephen Ferris would do that thing he does and manage to get another short-tempered French player banned, but it's Flannery who will be banned and hopefully for a very long time. Stupid Munster thug!

It was cold, maybe -2°, but I managed to take a few photos even with frozen fingers:
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[13 Feb 2010|12:01pm]
I'd like to know what twisted PR person decided it would be a good idea to choose a mean looking Sébastien Chabal teddy bear as poster boy for Valentine's day. It's on a giant billboard on the front of le Printemps:
There's also a video with the bear and it's kinda weird. I think they should have made something funnier than this. Maybe it's just the bear's mean stare that makes me uncomfortable:
It has nice shoes, so that's a plus, but as far as rugby bears goes, it doesn't hold a candle to my much cuter Hurricanes bears. Pffffff, it's not even tattooed!
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[12 Jan 2010|07:17am]
  • Every time I pass by this shop I want to buy the matriochkas. But I guess 65 dolls is overkill:

  • I love to take photos of reflections in puddles. Here are a few recent ones:

  • I found another métro station whose walls are being scraped so you can see some ads from the sixties underneath... It's too bad, unlike last time, here the platform was almost completely closed so I couldn't get a clear view. I just took 3 photos:
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[30 Dec 2009|01:33am]
Uuuuuurgh, worst Christmas ever! My brother is getting divorced, and since he decided that only one week before Christmas it was too late to change plans, so my future-ex-sister-in-law still was at the dinner with my family. Lovely. Her family is not from Paris and my brother didn't want her to spend the holidays alone, I guess he was feeling guilty about dumping her with such bad timing. Obviously she wasn't in a very good mood and the whole dinner was incredibly depressing. Since Christmas was ruined, I just spent the following days in bed eating chocolate and watching episodes of Glee and Friday Night Lights.

Anyway, at least we had SNOW! I love snow. For once it was cold enough that it held for a couple of days and didn't turn to slushy mud right away. I didn't take that many pictures, because I was definitely not wearing sensible shoes.

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[08 Dec 2009|11:19pm]
I never had a facebook, never had a myspace, never cared much for these social networking sites... But through twitter, I got to meet an All Black and watch Saturday's Barbarians v. New Zealand game from the best seats in Twickenham. So I've changed my mind. God bless twitter!

Too bad about the result though, I wanted the All Blacks to stay undefeated, and they hadn't conceded a try on the tour, so it was very frustrating to watch Bryan Habana score not once, not twice, but three times. I hate him and he has no neck. Freak! So annoying to think that guys like him and Matfield can boast to have beaten the ABs four times in 2009.

I only stayed in London for 12 hours, so, no shopping! Well I went to Lush to get some ballistics, but that's it. Frustrating.

I did take good pictures at Twickenham. Most of them of players who didn't even play:

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[01 Dec 2009|03:19am]
I finally finished my scarf! It took me months, it took a lot of thread and a dozen needles, it probably cost me 5% of my eyesight, and I can't even count how many times I've sewn my own finger on it... But I'm happy with the result. It's inspired by Samoan siapo designs:

Now, about the rugby game... I can't be sad, it's so beautiful to watch the All Blacks play when they click like that! Where was this team all year? Guess they were saving themselves for us. Well, they got their revenge in style. Although I would have liked France to score one little try, just to save face. But even though the scoreline (39-12, 5 tries to 0) could make it look like we gave up, this defeat is not as shameful for us as the one from 2004. I guess it's just impossible for France to win 3 games in a row... When Picamoles and Hari got injured I knew we were doomed anyway, it was never going to work with such a lightweight backrow. Also I'd like to understand why there is not one decent fly-half in France. Not one!!! What's going on?

And why do TV crews always mess up filming the haka? They never get it right, it's more impressive to watch what people filmed from the stands on youtube. Plus they sent the subtitles too late and managed to lose the audio feed. Great job guys!

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[28 Nov 2009|02:54pm]
  • I signed up for a photography workshop at the Musée du Quai Branly, and I hope it will be really good and worth it because it's at the worst possible time, late Saturday afternoons, so I'm missing all the rugby. We're supposed to work on a project and end up with a coherent narrative and a series of photos... It's all new to me because usually I don't think in advance about my photos or how to arrange them etc., since I only take pictures of random things I see on the streets or rugby games. So far I've taken a lot of pictures in the museum, but I have no idea what my project will be about.

  • I'm still mad that tonight's big game is played in Marseille and not Paris, so I can't go, but at least there's a silver lining: I never complain when the All Blacks are training near a body of water. Because it brings this:
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